We Knooz Al-Ardh Detergent Factory, one of the leading Manufacturers of domestic & Industrial cleaning chemicals in Saudi Arabia, cater to our customers’ need for hygienic and effective cleaning agents. Our expertise lies in the manufacture of a broad line of detergent products and our aim is to provide hygienic and productive solutions at both domestic and professional level. Under the trade mark of Marki, we produce quality products that clean, care and protect your surroundings.         read more »

Fabric softener is a laundry product used to make clothing softer and prevent static cling while delivering lasting freshness.

Multi Purpose Cleaner.
It's great for cleaning up spills, for cleaning around light switches, door handles, walls and floors.

Antiseptic disinfectant
A disinfectant is used to destroy microorganisms off of any surface. Antiseptics and disinfectants both act as antimicrobials that kills the microbes that cause infection.
Cooling System Treatment has been specifically designed to restore the protective qualities of the coolant in the cooling system of your vehicle. Scientific tests have shown that poorly maintained cooling systems are the main reason for over 40% of all engine failures.