Laundry Washing Liquid:
Clean Queen is a liquid detergent which can be used for washing any kind of clothes of any colour. It preserves the softness and elasticity of the fabrics giving the garments a pleasant scent and protects their colour. It provides softness to the clothes and gets rid of dirt, stains and odour. Its PH balanced formulation doesnt affect the skin and hence can be effectively used for manual washing of clothes. It can be used in both top loading and front loading washing machines.
Marki Disinfectant cleaner has been specially engineered to offer you and your family a Total Protection. Its innovative formula offers superior cleaning, 24hr germ protection. It comes in 2 fragrances, from floors to table tops; this innovative product can be used for protection around the home.
Abaya Shampoo:
Marki Abaya Shampoo specially engineered to clean the Abaya and maintaining the blackness of it. Marki Abaya Shampoo takes care of the Fabric and leaves a pleasant fragrance. It is available in 2 grades. (Marki Shampoo abaya & Marki Smooth wash).
Bowl Cleaner (Toilet):
Clean and sanitize your toilet bowl with the power of Flash Bowl cleaner. Flash Toilet Bowl Cleaner helps prevent tough stains and keeps your toilet properly maintained between regular cleanings.
Glass Cleaner:
Marki Glass Cleaners offer streak-free cleaning for your glass and can also be used on other surfaces, such as - marble, sealed granite, UV-protected windows, mirrors, bathroom fixtures, tiles, plastic, vinyl and more
Dishwashing Liquid:
Degreasing your dishes, pans and other cutlery with ordinary dishwashing liquids does not give you the pure shine you need because they dont disinfect, hence bacteria stays. Marki Dish wash Liquid gives you pure shine, which comes from degreasing and disinfection due to a reduction in bacteria. It is available in 2 grades. (Marki & Marki Plus)
Carwash Shampoo:
Marki Car wash Shampoo thoroughly removes all types of dirt, and is gentle to paintwork, suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, metal, glass, plastics, rubber, tiles, porcelain and enamelled surfaces.
Liquid Hand wash:
Hand washing is one of the simplest and best ways to help prevent the spread of germs and help you and your family stay healthy and happy. Delicate on your skin, and with a lovely fresh fragrance, our Marki hand wash kills germs and leaves your family's hands feeling refreshed. It is also available in 4 different fragrances (Rose, Apple, Strawberry & Lemon)